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General Info

  • The sign below the fairy shows you what type of jewel you are pointing at with your mouse. It also shows you the value of the piece.

  • The Gem Burster starts glowing when you pick up a piece that won't fit in the jewelry.

  • To earn some extra money, you can visit the store and sell any jewel pieces that you have saved in your jewel case.

  • You can right click your mouse on a piece to carve it without needing to first chose the Carver tool.

  • You can defeat all enemies by quickly putting many, or larger, pieces in the jewelry, or by clicking on an Amulet that protects you against that enemy.

  • If you need additional time during contests in Normal or Intense mode (there's no time limit in Relaxed mode), you can buy Scrolls of Time, and activate them when needed.

  • If you do not find what you need in the Jewel Store, you can always go back to the Map screen and then revisit the Jewel Store, which might then have what you need.

  • If you fill an area where you may put Any Jewels with only Opals, all the Opals will be replaced with Diamonds.

  • When a dragon has burnt your jewelry, you need to replace the damaged pieces by putting new pieces in that area. You can also remove the burnt pieces by using the Carver tool.

  • When playing the Hidden Jewels game, you can move pieces to see what's behind them by picking them up and putting them somewhere else.

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