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How to Play

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Your mission is to restore the kingdom's Crown Jewelry. You do this by putting together precious pieces of gold and jewels in the jewelry's form.

Rotate Pieces
While moving the piece you can rotate it by using your mouse wheel,
or by clicking the right mouse button.

Gem Burster
If you can't find any empty space for a piece you can put it the Gem Burster. But every time you do this your jewelry value will decrease by 30 gold pieces, or 100 gold pieces for pieces that could have been placed in the jewelry.

Jewel Case
You can save a piece for later by putting it in your Jewel Case. This is especially good when you find special pieces of great value.

Jewel Charm Pot
You fill your Jewel Charm Pot by adding many pieces quickly in the jewelry. When it's filled you'll get a Charming Bonus that vastly increases the jewelry value!

If you fill a whole Glowing Bonus Area, you will gain a lot of extra Jewel Charm, but you must hurry before it stops glowing!

Magic Tools
Click on the Filler button to use the magic tool, and then click in the jewelry to fill that area.

You can greatly increase the value of a piece on the Jewel Conveyer by using the Polisher tool. For best results, use it on precious pieces.

The Carver is a really useful tool that allows you to carve a piece so that its fits in the jewelry. You can also use on already placed pieces.

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