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Tips & Tricks

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General Tips

  • Always try to put pieces next to each other when possible so that no empty spots appear in the jewelry. This makes it easier to put subsequent pieces into the jewelry, especially larger ones.

  • Make sure you always have plenty of Magic tools - especially Carvers.

  • Don't forget that you can always remake previous jewelry. Just point at a place on the map that you have visited to see the jewelry and click on it to remake it.

  • Make sure you polish pieces before you put them in the Jewel Case, as it is not possible to polish them afterwards. It's also a great idea if you just want to sell them in the Jewel Store, as you will get some extra gold pieces for a piece if it is polished.

  • If you need some extra gold pieces, you can always replay a jewelry and collect some precious pieces, eg. large diamonds, Crown Jewels, pictures etc. that you can polish and then sell in the Jewel Store.

  • If you lose against the Thief and absolutely don't want him to steal a particular piece from the jewel case, quickly pick it up and put it back when he's gone.

  • Try not to use the Filler tool when you are trying to defeat an enemy, as it doesn't decrease the enemy’s strength like putting pieces in the jewelry will.

How to Earn Jewel Charm and to Create Precious Jewelry

  • When the Jewel Charm Pot is filled you'll get a charming bonus that vastly increases the jewelry's value!

  • By putting many pieces quickly in the jewelry, you’ll get a "Fast Forging" bonus, which gives you some desirable Jewel Charm.

  • If you fill a whole Glowing Bonus Area before it stops glowing, you'll get a lot of Jewel Charm.

  • Apart from polishing jewels, you can also polish Crown Jewels and Pictures, which highly increases their value!

  • In some jewelry items there are areas where you can put any jewels. Make sure you fill them with jewels of high values, i.e. Diamonds, Moonstones and Rubies.

  • Always use the carver to make a piece fit in the jewelry if possible, instead of using the Gem Burster. When you put a carved piece in the jewelry, which initially didn't fit, you’ll get a "Great Carving" bonus.

  • Don't overuse the Filler tool, as it doesn't increase the value of the jewelry as much as proper jewels do.

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